Harlequin canister set

Harlequin canisters for prop hire - Betty May Vintage Hire

A lovely set of aluminium harlequin canister set.  So versatile, so vintage.  Fill them with a selection of sugars, flavoured tea bags, or a dispenser for our cake sliders, tea spoons and cake forks.  Or line them with one of our pretty embroidered cross stitch napkins and fill to overflowing with home made confections such as rocky road and coconut ice.  The colours of these canisters lend beautifully to use as containers for your favourite blooms. Or simply place them in a row at the back of your dessert table.  They look fabulous with our kitchen scales and vintage colander.   We do ask that a suitable sized jar vase be placed inside when using them for blooms.  Water will stain them!


For the set $15.00